Dispute Resolution Service

The Dispute Resolution Service may be consulted in case of disputes concerning the rights to .li domain names

Disputes between the holder and a third party

When registering and administering domain names, SWITCH is fundamentally not obliged to check whether the holder is entitled to the domain name. Instead, it is up to the holder to make sure, prior to registration, that he/she is not violating any distinctive sign rights of third parties. You can find more information on the page Rights of third parties.

In the event of disputes concerning a domain name, SWITCH is a party to neither the civil action nor the dispute resolution proceedings. This also applies when it is solely a matter of ensuring that judgements or rulings are enforced.

Means of recourse for the third party

If a third party raises a claim against the domain name holder, then this is a matter for the former and the latter which is to be settled through civil action or through these dispute resolution proceedings.

The present dispute resolution proceedings are mandatory for domain name holders who register a new domain name as of 1 March 2004, for domain name holders who renew their subscription after 1 March 2004 and for domain name holders who submitted by participating in the proceedings.

They are designed as simple, rapid and inexpensive proceedings.

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