One of Switch's primary tasks is to provide a secure internet in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The registry division is focused on the security of .li and .ch domain names, as well as that of the DNS.

Secure websites
How is internet crime relevant to your website and your domain name? Even your website can be misused for criminal activities. Here you can read about potential threats and what Switch is doing to combat the misuse of domain names.

DNS Resilience Programme
The DNS resilience programme protects .ch and .li domain names against cyber risks. It promotes the gradual introduction of proven security standards such as DNSSEC, which make the internet safer and more resilient in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is limited to the period from 2022 to 2026.

DNSSEC is an extension of the Domain Name System (DNS) and serves to protect you from fraud. DNSSEC ensures that the website displayed on your screen really is the one you wanted to access.

CDS Status Check
With a CDS record (Child DS record), the name server operator can transfer the required data to the registry to activate, renew or deactivate DNSSEC for a domain name. With our CDS Status Check, you can check whether the changes transferred via CDS are correct and will be published.

DNS Health Report
The DNS Health Report checks the reachability of name servers and .ch and .li domain names. In the event of technical problems, Switch informs the operator and makes recommendations for resolving them.

Registry Lock
Locking a domain name with Registry Lock means barring it from being modified via EPP, the registrar-registry interface. Thus, the risk for your domain name to fall into the wrong hands or to be unreachable due to technical errors can be minimised.

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