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Legal basis and Dispute Resolution Service for .li domain names

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The Principality of Liechtenstein has sovereignty over the Top Level Domain .li.
The Office for Communications has commissioned Switch to operate the registry; the current contract has been in force since 2012. Find out more about Switch as a registry

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the registration and administration of domain names under the domain ".ch" and ".li"

General Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy governs the conditions for the use of the Domain Name Lookup to query or process personal data.

In addition to general compliance with Liechtenstein laws, which can be found at, the legal provisions of the following must also be observed:

Communications Act

IFV - Ordinance Concerning Means of Identification and Frequencies in the Field of Electronic Communications

Data Protection Act

Data Protection Ordinance

Before registering your chosen domain name, you should check that it does not violate any rights pertaining to names, trademarks or other distinguishing symbols. The internet is not a legal vacuum. All laws of the "real" world also apply to the virtual realm. This means that every holder of a domain name is legally responsible for that domain name and its content. When a new domain name is registered, no check is made as to whether it violates any third-party rights. You must perform this check yourself before registering a domain name.

You can find more information on this subject in the list below. The list is provided by way of example and is by no means exhaustive.

Register of Trademarks and Designs

Fact sheet on legal company names and brands

Liechtenstein Commercial Register: Index of companies

Switch will refuse assignment of a domain name if:

  1. compliance with international standards requires it;
  2. the domain name in question has been reserved in accordance with the annex of the IFV (Ordinance Concerning Means of Identification and Frequencies in the Field of Electronic Communications);
  3. the requirements for the assignment aren't met.

Furthermore, Switch may refuse assignment of a domain name if:

  1. important technical reasons require it;
  2. the ability to pay is dubious, in particular if the registrant or billing contact is insolvent or is in default of bill payments for domain names already assigned or does not pay the advance which the registry may request for the assignment of domain names for amounts in excess of CHF 500.00;
  3. there is an evident risk that Switch could make itself legally liable due to the assignment of the domain name. In these cases the refusal takes place in consultation with the Office for Communications;
  4. the applicant cannot be contacted by Switch for queries, or does not reply within 10 working days (including postal delivery time);
  5. there is suspicion about the registrant applying for the assignment of a certain domain name with intent to damage the interests of third parties.

Notification of refusal of an assignment of a domain name will generally be given to the applicant and to the other contact persons designated in the request within 14 working days from receipt of the request by Switch. With the refusal of assignment the processing of the request is considered as completed by Switch. The relevant domain name will again become available for assignment.

The Dispute Resolution Service for .li domain names was set up to resolve disputes over the rights to domain names.

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