Registry Lock

Protection against "hostile takeover" of your domain name

In recent years, several cases of "domain hijacking" have surfaced. Attackers took over domain names illegally and redirected all data traffic to their own servers. With Registry Lock, some of the possible attack variants for this threat can effectively be prevented.

Locking a domain name with Registry Lock means barring it from being modified via EPP, the registrar-registry interface. Thus, the risk for your domain name to fall into the wrong hands or to be unreachable due to technical errors can be minimised.

If your domain name is business critical, it can be advisable to secure it by enabling Registry Lock.

If you are interested in Registry Lock, ask your domain name registrar whether they offer it. This is not the case with all registrars.

Are you an accredited registrar and would like to offer Registry Lock to your customers? Please contact